Technology of growing plants on the walls (vertical gardens) has been created by botanists-designers in Europe about 4 years ago, and since has became very popular in many European countries.

Finally Green Living Wall, a company that specializes in vertical gardens, has brought this revolutionary technology to United States. Now you can order your vertical garden for your home or office, or anywhere else your imagination will take you. The beauty of green wall will not only uniquely blend into your room but also will not take up a lot of space while creating a micro-climate, create better breathing air, will be an eye candy, and will better your mood.

After we install a living wall at your place, you will not have to spend your time maintaining it. Whole process is automated with drip irrigation system and timer operated lighting.

Vertical gardens that we manufacture have two layers of protection from releasing condensation which means your walls will remain dry. We can build vertical garden that will suite wall of any size. While it's less than 2 inches thick.

In addition, we offer mobile, movable green walls which are mounted on wheels. Movable units have it's own irrigation and timing system just like it's static counterpart. They can be easily moved to any room at any time.

We also offer complex design solutions for your place which involves live green walls, mixed with exotic aquariums, fresh or salt water, indoor waterfalls, and indoor ponds.

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